Design to Let
Logo design for a Letting Agency in London
'Design To Let' Is a letting agency based in London where tenants can request interior design requirements from landlords for a more personalised rental experience.
1. Colour wheel injecting into thought bubble

2. Thought/imagination bubble with drops of colour and fun

3. Harmony between spaces and colours

4. Floating on a cloud of creativity, colours and sizes. Emulates the fantasy elements whist remaining sophisticated and unique to the industry.

5. STAMP approach. 'D L' looks like a floor plan

6. Font is serif like in: ‘The Indipendant’ ‘The Guardian’ and ‘ ‘The Times’ Newspapers to identify with that type of market and standard. Works with the idea of fantasy with the imagination cloud emulating from the ‘I’. It is coming from the ‘I’ because it is a personalised experience. This brand can work in many situations and with many themes. It’s also nice, tidy and simple.
- Stamp includes 'D and L' and emulates a floor plan.
- Stamp represents putting your mark on things or tagging things with your identity   
- One ad campaign could be a photo of an auction house or antiques market with the stamp placed on impressive items with a descriptive strapline.
- Font options are slightly more corporate. Let me know which one you like best. 
- I can also experiment with any colours you would like to see on any of the logos I have put together.

Initial guideline suggestions 
- Stamp can be used on it’s own with relevant and clear photography 
- Stamp should perhaps be used with a strapline should the photography be more creative and close-up
- Font shall always be given space to ensure clarity and effectiveness
- Yellow circles emulate the lighted windows of warm homes at night.
- Activity within the windows emulate a range of lifestyles and aspirations
- Font can be themed for particular campaigns or seasons to give it personality   
- For instance, on the website the logo could easily be themed for Halloween or Xmas in the same way google have a standard logo but also customise it on occasions
- Yellow on Gray and Blue on White represent a ‘night’ and ‘day’ feel
- Delicate, subtle and curved font represents sophistication and creativity. Not too corporate, clumsy or heavy-handed.   
- There are also lots of consistent circles amongst the letters which could all become windows or support the windows theme.

Initial guideline sugguestions
- ‘Night’ Yellow/White on Gray would work best with photography. The dark gray would frame images well and colours would stand out more
- ‘Day’ is nice and clean and would work best with information or lots of content.   
- However, Both colours will look good with either photography or with lots of content.
- Font shall always be given space to ensure clarity and effectiveness