People love to classify themselves. From which color represents them, which food they are, or which celebrity they should be with, to which horoscope they are born under or how quick to anger they should be, people enjoy being part of select groups and seek to possess factors of identification. Beyond general interest and fascinating discoveries, studying the psychology of personality is extremely important for self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-improvement, as well as understanding and improving interactions with others on a daily basis.
This project is an original concept.
Entering the museum, a guest receives a luminescent bracelet that is activated with his or her favorite color.
The tickets form triangles when ripped by the ticket collector.
Each guest receives a pamphlet that includes a floor map and museum information.
All of the museum exhibits branch off of a central room. Screens allow guests to scan their bracelets to view their progress and to see how they compare to other guests in the museum.
Renderings designed and directed by Alyssa Phillips; created in Rhinoceros 3D with help from Julian Anderson, Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Class of 2016.
Each exhibit is represented by a different hue, and activity result corresponds to a value of its hue. As the guest participates, he scans his bracelet to input the results, adding colors to create his own unique spectrum.
Visitors find which of the Four Temperaments they correspond to by following a flow chart on the floor.
To measure their levels of extroversion—one of the Big 5 Personality Traits—guests scan their bracelets upon entering a room to socialize. They scan again when leaving to record the amount of time they spent inside.
Since Type A & B Theory results correlate strongly with particular moods, an addition to the exhibit permits guests to test their current moods based on their body temperatures.
After completing all of the classification activities, guests exchange their bracelets for unique data sheets. These break down their results and explain their specific characteristics.
The Museum of Personality gift shop merchandise includes tote bags, necklaces, and postcard sets.
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