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M a l o  > <  P a r i s
I’m falling more and more in love with the idea of traveling through foreign lands with nothing more than a backpack and a heart for adventure – waking up in the morning to greet the sea, feel the wind on the tips of your eyelashes and embrace the first rays of sunlight on your skin. It’s about the moment you separate yourself from usual habits, boundaries and fears; the moment you feel truest to yourself and want to embrace life to its fullest…
I feel unconditional love for the dramatic nature of Bretagne. The untamed and unpredictable soul of this magical coastline. I feel at home, even though I’ve never been there before, as if I’ve lived there my entire life. The rough shell of this sheer endless coast makes me curious. I want to go deeper, experience all it has to offer – as if I was a local. I want to observe the tide in its uncontrollable temper, its granite cliffs in hues of pink emerging from the sea. Barely there one moment and then fully there and proud the next moment, the sea has always been the place I return to to feel safe and calm in my own thoughts.