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20 November - Bram Vanhaeren challenged himself to create a typography treatment everyday! How long = unknown. Why? Making interesting quotes fun to read and remember. Instead of boring Times New Roman, Bram started to share ideas that everyone understood in a fun way. A simple, creative solution in sharing ideas. 

Enjoy the journey from a young digital artist,  on a mission to find creativity!

Good day everyone, I hope everyone is prepared for the Holidays! I just wanted to let you all know, I didn’t expected the amazing feedback I get from the community on my 
project! It started out as a creative challenge, now viewed and followed by thousands of people, this is just insane!

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Update 02
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20-11-2011:The first step, before anybody else in the world believes it, is that you believe it! - Will Smith
21-11-2011:Don't be afraid of enemies who attack you. Be afraid of the friends who flatter you. - Dale Carnegie
22-11-2011: I accidentally turned the volume off my allarm clock yesterday, so I woke up a little bit too late. But I slept great! I quickly made this inspired on this accident, because "The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
23-11-2011: "If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you will be successful!" But sometimes you need a mask.
24-11-2011: "I'm gonna show you where it's dark, but have no fear" from the amazing song; Nightcall by Kavinsky for the Drive movie starring Ryan Gosling.
25-11-2011: "Morning, Keep the streets empty for me" by Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me 
26-11-2011: "You know that, you have seen this all before!" by Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man. Awesome song, I wish everyone a great Saturday night!
27-11-2011: "If you're not prepared to be wrong you'll never come up with anything original." By Ken Robinson. A lovely quote from Ken's talk on
28-11-2011: "Work Hard, Be Nice" One off the most important life lessons in my opinion. Good to start the week!
29-11-2011: Today it's a special day for my mom! It's her Birthday and I wanted to be the first to give her a card! Happy Birthday mom, I see you in the morning! Let's have a drink when I'm back from school! (Yes, she turns 50, beautiful age!)
30-11-2011: I woke up today with one off the most clever quotes I will always remember and carry on with me. A special quote by Charlie Chaplin - "A Day without laughter, is a day wasted." SImple but so important!
1-12-2011: I'm currently reading the book "79 short essays on design" and I came across this clever quote from the big man, David Carson. "Never do the same thing twice!" Something to remember!
2-12-2011: The sound of this song is simply cool! The Animals - A Girl Named Sandoz! ( Listen to the song ). It's about a girl who taught me Sweet Things!
03-12-2011: I'm just back from a weekend with the family at the sea. A reminder how nice the seaside can be, here is a typography from a simple, but powerful word "Sea" - "See"!
04-12-2011: I read this line one hour ago, and it caught my attention, there are so many awesome things ahead of us, including your best work! Belief, work hard and enjoy the moments.
05-12-2011: To start the week with the correct attitude. A clever quote from Will: "The Person that works the hardest, wins." Fair enough for me!
06-12-2011: It takes 60 seconds, one minute of perfection. A small gesture to Nikolay, for sharing perfection through his Tumblr page, A minute Of Perfection. Visit the Tumblr and find perfection.
07-12-2011: "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." by Gore Vidal. My favorite definition for style.
08-12-2011: Yesterday evening I watched "Limitless" for the 4th time. It appears to me I still love the movie. So it was an easy choice to pick a quote from this movie, by Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) "I was blind, but now I see".
09-12-2011: It's weekend! Everyone have a great weekend and have fun going out! We all deserve it! Tonight it's Friday Night Out!
10-12-2011: "The time to shine, the time to be brave is when times are hard." by Bear Grylls
11-12-2011: Here we go - Here we go again! From an awesome song Nite Nite by Kano. Listen here
12-12-2011: I'm listening to lectures from Brain Tracey and this quote just keeps following me. "You are your own president, see yourself as a president!"
13-12-2011: This summer, Men in Black is back! So prepare - "Set for pulsar level five, subsonic implosion factor two." Flash. You just forgot what you read...
14-12-2011: A famous quote by Marianne Williamson, used by Mahatma Gandhi in his speech when he received his Nobel price. "Our Deepest Fear is that We Are Powerful Beyond Measure" One of my all time favorite quotes to be honest!
15-12-2011: Save Gorillas. Message received.
16-12-2011: I watched the documentary about Bill Cunningham, New York Times Street Fashion Photographer. I loved this quote from him and decided to use it for today's Idea! "If you don't take money, they can't tell you what to do. That's the key to the whole thing."
17-12-2011: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." One of my favorite quotes and suggested by Priyanka Isf-NatSci on Facebook.
20-12-2011: "If you don't have confidence, you'll always find a way not to win." - Carl Lewis
21-12-2011: "Actions have reactions, don't be quick to judge" - While listening to all the soundtracks from the movie The Lincoln Lawyer, the lyrics from Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth just inspired me to make this. Listen and enjoy!
24-12-2011: "Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness." - George Santayana. I wish everyone a lovely Christmas
28-12-2011: 2011 Is coming to an end... but 2011 was a happy year! Let's celebrate that before we enter 2012! Happy Old Year!
1-1-2012: "2012 counts 366 days! You have one extra day. Make it count!" Happy New year everyone!
6-1-2012: "Yesterday was a good day" Dom Kennedy
8-1-2012: "I have patience. I will become what I know I am." An amazing quote fom "Become Legendary" speech by Michael Jordan. Listen to the speech here.
12-1-2012: "As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." by Marianne Williamson.
1-2-2012: "Find your life, don't hide from what you are! And rise before you fall." By Yuna. Inspired by the lovely song Find your life. Listen to the song here
2-2-2012: "And in the daylight i don't pick up my phone, cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home!" By Matt And Kim. Awesome up beat song. Listen to the song here
3-2-2012: "It's about getting things down to one number. Using the stats the way we read them, we'll find value in players that no one else can see. People are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws. Age, appearance, personality." - By Peter Brand. Inspired by the movie, Moneyball.
5-2-2012: "This won't be good enough. It wasn't good enough today. It won't be good enough against anybody else, either." - Bill Belichick. It's Superbowl Sunday, Let's have a fantastic game tonight! L5-2-2012: 
6-2-2012: "There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure." - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. It's been a while since I've read the book, but I've written down so many amazing quotes by this man. A true inspiration6-2-2012: 
9-2-2012: "Trying To Look Good Limits My Life." - Stefan Sagmeister, Things I have learned in my life so far. I grabbed Stefan's book yesterday, (while I was sick) and this quote caught my attention. It is true, i9-2-2012: 
13-2-2012: A quick, but important reminder. "Do All Things With Love" - O13-2-2012: 
14-2-2012: No words, just a simple heart. For all the single ladies, have a nice Va14-2-2012: 
15-2-2012: "Ball So Hard" Niggas in Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West. A pretty dope track if you ask me, to wake up for sure! We're going to watch some basketball here with friends tonight. Definitely going to be15-2-2012: 
16-2-2012: ‎"Peace Sign, Index Down" - By Gym Class Heroes. I'm listening to the Gym Class Heroes again, cool beats, nice lyrics. Perfect music for a random Thursday! Peace.

16-10-2012: ‎"Running away from your problems is a race you will never win." A request by a friend.
An Idea Everyday