Pax Templars

Comic Book Project for RedKing Press.
1.  The Roman god of Peace.
2.  Latin word meaning peace.

Taken from the latin word templārius, which means of the temple.  And has taken to mean of the Temple of Solomon.

Pax Templars were America’s premiere superhero team from the early nineties right up until 2001.  At that point public opinion turned against the group, for various reasons.   And soon the then President of the United States requested that the two main leaders of the team agree to assist the U.S. military in its initial invasion of another country.  But Omega Man argued that Pax Templars were superheroes and not soldiers.  And refused to comply with the President’s request.

In retaliation for the team's refusal President came on national television an gave lengthy speech about possible enemies and dangers that already existed on American soil, and asked that any American that had the capability for mass destruction would have to register, and reveal their true identity to government authorities.  So that they could be properly alerted to their current locations at all times.

The other leader of the Pax Templars, The Extremist saw this as a veiled attack against the team on the President’s part.  As they quickly discovered that the administration had a fairly loose definition of who was actually capable of mass destruction.  And he started planning to use his considerable wealth and influence to start causing various problems for the administration in retaliation.But when Omega Man found out what the Extremist was planning, not only did he not want any part of it, but confronted his teammate and persuaded him that escalation was not the answer.  

But if the answer was not to fight this new registration policy, then what would they do, the Extremist asked.

“We'll all go away…” Omega Man simply replied.

And that’s exactly what happened, and the vast majority of Pax Templar members stopped operating as superheroes.   At least publicly, there were still some that saved innocents and stopped criminal acts, but they made effort to keep a very subtle approach to everything they did.  And the Extremist concerned himself and his own personal strikeforce with the capturing and imprisonment of  the majority of villains that Pax Templars had previously fought before this point.

Now years have passed, and the country has forgotten what it was like when costumed heroes publicly walked amongst them, instead of carefully keeping to the shadows.  

But someone is out there, someone who has a very personal vendetta against the original founding members, and demands retribution.