Call Me a Bastard
Fat Bastard Wine
Ad concepts for Fat Bastard Wine, the anti-snob wine. I was the Art Director in this project, taking their headlines and putting a voice and visual to them.
Print Advertisements 

This website is a way for not only consumers to interact with the brand and learn about the history of it. This will also be a way to see the personality behind the brand and how it’s more about having fun and being a bastard. There will be a section where there will be how different wines will go along well with drinking games (instead of corresponding foods).
The iPhone application acts as a way for people to interact directly with the brand at the time of their having fun. It would be a great conversation starter and would build up the brand reputation of being a fun wine to drink.
Simple web banner that talks to the viewer about being a bastard. Would be placed predominantly on college students / young adult visited websites.