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22 Jump Street - Logo design
Last year, Los Angeles based agency Alma Mater (creator of other known ending credits like the one for Lego:The Movie and 21 Jump Street) asked me to work with them for the ending credits of Sony Pictures' movie "22 Jump Street".
The whole sequence is a parodistic set of fake sequels for the Jump Street franchise, including videogames, cartoons and toys as well. I took part in this with some logo design for two of these segments.

Jump Street: The Animated Series

First, they asked me to create a 80's inspired logo for one of the segment of the ending credits.
Everything was still in development so the whole project went through a lot of changes and choices made during the process.
Among all the fake trailers/sequels that would have been in the sequence, one of them had to be somehow retro inspired.
Initially they gave me 5 names, 28 Jump Street, 33 Jump Street, 36 Jump Street Part 2, 38 Jump Street The Videogame and 42 Jump Street The Cartoon.
Without much details (since everything was still in progress) I made 5 different rough layouts,(refinements would come later) each with a different retro feel (80's splatter movie, 90's fighting game...).
One had to be chosen for the next step.
36 Jump Street Part 2 was chosen among the five.

For the next step, 36 was changed with 39 (and eventually removed), and "Part 2" was changed with "The Cartoon"
Tests included some police badge shapes instead of the triangle, and different chrome reflections.
Various refinements were done as well to give the logo a real 80's/90's feel.
Chosen version.
"The Cartoon" was eventually changed with "The Animated Series"
Final logo version 
39 was removed and it finally became "Jump Street: The Animated Series".
Logo was retouched and animated by Starburns Industries.
Jump Street Generations
For another segment of the ending credits, Alma Mater asked me to create a spray looking tag for the word "Generations", both uppercase and title case.
The uppercase was chosen and added to the sequence.
Graphic Design: Overglow
Creative Direction: Brian Mah
Animation: Starburst Industries

See the whole project here:
22 Jump Street - Logo design

22 Jump Street - Logo design

Logos made for 22 Jump Street's ending sequence.
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