Mobile Information Unit
This project was done for a competition by Brisbane city council and Urban Futures Brisbane: Mobile Information Unit : MIU in 2007.It won the second prize and the project was displayed at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane during Asia Pacific Summit exhibition.
The Mobile Information Unit is shaped around a Ladybug. It is approximately 3m tall in the higest point and 3m by 4m when closed. When it reaches the site, it opens, reaching 3m by 6m approximately rotating the wings to the outside and creating an enclosed space for people to use the external screens and informational structures. Also it has two sliding glass doors that slide inside a cavity in the unit allowing people to get inside the unit itself, where there are expositors, screens and other information equipment. On top of the doors there is an extendible panel to protect in case of rain. The wings are made of polycarbonate red sheets, ex danpolon, to allow light through and at the same time stop the solar radiation, creating a space that doesn't feel to enclosed. The black dots on the wings, in the internal lower side, are touch screens with liquid Crystal Display for information and all the outside ones are solar panels. They store the energy in battery located under the floor of the unit. It is aIso possible to connect the unit to a power point if the solar electricity wouldn't be sufficient. The unit has a sky light on the top, it is openoble to allow natural ventilation, it will be aIso mode in polycarbonate to stop the solar radiations from going through but allowing the natural light. When the Wings will be closed the skylight will be cover. It is possible to use the unit even when it will be closed: there will be LED lights around the perimeter of the wings to create a zone of light at night time and then is a screen with information on the back, that will keep inform people with light of top.
The lights will work when the unit is open if used at night time. On the outside, under the wings there are LCD Touch Screen,  near the entry doors, with extendable seat that comes out from the external surface of the unit, representing the 'legs' of the bug. They will be fold bock to allow the unit to close. When closed, the unit is easily transportable. There are three small wheels on the bottom, two on the bock and one on the front and it just need to be connected to a car or van. When it stops the wheels will be partially hidden in the floor slab and blocked, so the unit will not move.