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    in this online world, who are our virtual friends, followers. how they really look. or they are just as good as they pretend to be?

The Last Supper

Where friend's from the virtual world, gather around to meet and greet. 
For wines and breads, they visit you with their needs and you dread.

Their name ain't verified, their souls are just a profile,
They gonna steal your show,
your drums and your arrow & bow.

You care too much about the vibe, and put at stake, all you got for the tribe,
Beneath Their skin, it's hollow, but may be there's a heart, they have forgotten to follow.

Welcome to the Chat House,
Their dreams and Intent, now you cannot browse.

All you need is love they say,
Care too much about them, and they'll slay.

MTV Chat House.

Be careful of the friends you make, 
they carry a knife and a blade.

GOLD  for "Best Poster" Category, at PromaxBDA, Asia Pacific.  
SILVER  for "Best Print campaign" Category,  at PromaxBDA, Asia Pacific.