What makes a good doctor? Apart from good medical skills, this exhibition highlights the need for observation, empathy and self-reflection. Our final project for the Medical Humanities course was to create an art piece on our chosen topic; these were presented together in an exhibition. Students' topics explored the difficulties that patients, medical students and doctors may face in the clinical setting. 

The title "IRIS" refers to the medical gaze that doctors are thought to have when they look at a patient as a group of symptoms and illnesses, rather than as a whole human being.

Photos by Paul Fairhurst 
A5 invitation card:
As I'm not a medical student, I did not share the same experiences as most of my coursemates. My project was focused on illness in the context of the family, and the importance of viewing the family as a single entity; one family member's illness will inevitably have both an emotional and physical effect on their loved ones through complex family dynamics, but the problems that the family face are often overlooked. A diseased man can adopt the "sick role" that is readily accepted in society, but what about the family that must support him?