Here's some typography I've done over the last few months. I was trying to improve my hand-lettering through different styles and techniques. You can find script, blackletter and also a couple of digital pieces here.
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This is for my dog; he's a staffy.
This must be Sorcery.
Experimenting with gold. "Dreaming of Leaving" because that's the story of my life and "Stay Gold" because I love the song by The Big Pink. 
"Sunday is a blond day" - this is for Eline, my roomate in Australia. She knows what it means.
"Put your act together" - mixing styles.
Bookmarks I've made for Miami Marketta Art Market back on the Gold Coast. On the left, a quote by Stephen King "Books are a uniquely portable magic".
Victorian "Books are Magic" on the right was done with my custom typeface.
"Don't be eye candy, be soul food" - the process from sketch to vectors, to stylized illustration and photoshop.
Trying some more styles.
Merry Christmas and Happy Easter y'all!
"Dapper" - trying some Art Deco.
5K, because I have over 5K project views. Thank you, guys!
I watch "Banshee" and I cheer for Lucas Hood.
"Ghost of a Town" by hand.
"Ghost of a Town" in vectors.
"If it's good it's great, if it's bad it's experience" - a quote to live by, some would say.
"Keep calm and eat some Chocolate" - another quote to live by. Once again done with my custom typeface.
Thanks for looking!
Feedback would be - as always - much appreciated!


Random typography I have done.


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