Campaña: Gorditas Doña Tota
In doña tota, we always strive to preserve the escence of our families through our home-made stews rich in nutrients that are a delicious way to feel the love of our homes, even as we're apart.
Doña Carlota's original recepie has reached over 60 towns in Mexico, where over 200 restaurants have been placed, reaching even the United States. A successful recepie has driven this business with the best flavor.
Mexican cuisine, hommade stews, aiming to replicate home's flavor and warmness.

Preposición: Unique flavor and expressing a traditional process that borders with artesanal.
Idea: Presenting the way the consumer can choose between our several ingredients and flavors

Solution: Presenting images of the ingredients to choose to fill the gorditas
Material: Brandless.
Mechanism that simulates the warms steam and the hommade process to make the gorditas

Mechanism that will blow steam to reflect the freshness of the Gorditas
Valla publicitaria
Announcing the products they sell in order to attract the customers
Publicidad Directa