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    An experimental video by Tendril.

An experimental video by Tendril
Sound design by John Black at Cypheraudio
Tendril is a relatively young studio and we are always looking for ways to experiment with the brand and its possibilities. The logo—still in flux—is subject to this evolutionary process and often gets deconstructed, questioned, and restructured in different ways. In the case of this exploration, spearheaded by senior studio artists Leo Mateus and Vini Nascimento, the intention was to reduce the logo / wordmark into a lunchbox of minimal geometric elements and then create a sound-synchronized reconstruction sequence a la Oscar Fischinger. If you have seen our 2011 showreel, you may recognize some of the animation, which was intercut there to form a visual backbone for the edit.
A sampling of boards developed before animation started on the project. The texture in some of these reflects an early intention to recreate the animation from paper cut-outs in stop-motion.