Ladies & Gents
A Victorian Dating Service
The Ladies & Gents Dating service is a place for lovelorn people to meet. The series has 26 lovely Ladies & Gents (so far) consisting of various backgrounds and occupations looking for the same Because of the class restrictions of Victorian Era these people couldn't usually meet and fall in love, but we are changing all that, and letting their hearts decide. Here is a view of a few of the members.
Miss Ruth, Age 38
Victorian Mystic hoping to see her future love.
Miss Charlotte- very shy girl hoping to find her voice and someone to love.
Ambrose, Age 35, photographer
Miss Becky- young school teacher hoping to be taken seriously someday.
Mr. Edwin- Born with a silver spoon...hoping people will ignore it.
Mr. Lucian, bit of a gypsy, looking for place to call home.
Miss Maude- stage actress, romantic
Miss Agnes- Shop girl hoping to find love in the big city.

Miss Lydia- Tattooed Lady looking for Love
Miss Eleanor...writer of ghost stories looking for a good story of her own.
Meet Patrick...he's finally off the ship looking for love. Will he meet his Lady Love?