A History of Invisible Design
A Collaborative Project
Design is a key component in the world around us, and the way in which it is communicated contributes to the standards of design. In many cases design needs to have a clear and concise message which means when we look at it we do not need to think or question the message communicated. This book identifies transparent design from 1860 to the present day design and how it continues to develop its clarity, objectivity and readability. Throughout, we recognise the key turning points in history that have formed iconic movements in design. These movements have developed through time allowing transparency in design to evolve.
A team of 1st year students undertook a collaborative project to create a book analysing the history of transparency in design.
Project Manager
Ryan Duffus
Creative Director
Perry Rowe
Text Editors
Ben Borst, Amy-Jennifer Parslow,
Samantha Thomas
Emily Rose Braybrook
Ben Borst
Josh Davies
Ryan Duffus
Thanit Nopwattanapong
Amy-Jennifer Parslow
Perry Rowe
Henry Smith
Samantha Thomas
David Tyner
A History of Invisible Design - Transparency