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    Anatomy Art
Hi guys! Finally I'm back after long long time of silence. And I'm back with the next part of Anatomy series. I have changed style a bit comparing to the first part. Here I've taken floral motifs as a basis here, because I see plants as a powerful symbol of Life on our planet. And as you might have already noticed, this new project is dedicated to Life. Although it is static, lacks color, but it can be like this. For example, in my fantasy. Thus, I am glad to present you Anatomy Part2!

If you enjoy my work and want to support me creating stuff, I’m on Patreon! Check me out: https://www.patreon.com/alexkonahin 

Uterus WIP
Uterus Animation
Egg Cell WIP
Egg Cell
Egg Cell
Spermatozoon WIP
Spermatozoon Animation
Embryo WIP
Drawing tools
All the pieces are hand-drawn on paper, using dip, india ink and fineliners.