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    A product that helps children brush their teeth regularly and for the recommended amount of time.
Myles is a product/character I designed for my B-Tech individual thesis. The research and design of Myles is focused around persuading children to brush their teeth on a regular basis and persuading them to brush for at least two minutes.

When Myles is bought from a store parents help their children plug him into a computer to choose songs that the child wants to listen to whilst brushing their teeth. When a child brushes their teeth they push his head down once and a song will play for two and a half minutes.
On top of his head seven LED lights indicate how many times per day the child has brushed on any day of the week.
He is made from a plain white plastic allowing children to draw on him with markers and pens to change him to the way that they want him to look.

Myles endearing white smile and design helps to give children a character to look up to in some way, and in using him they learn better brushing habits.