This project was done for the "Vector Graphics" subject. Our task was to design a logo for a film production company.
People used to watch movies when they have a free time. Their intention is to clear their mind and get a little bit of relaxation. In that case they like to forget their problems for a little period of time. So I decided to design this logo to symbolized limitless freedom, calmness, enlightenment and relaxation. After going through many consideration I have decided to choose this name "Kenfinit" ....... Because it describe the logo. 

Ken = Simplicity, Enlightenment and Wisdom
Infinity = Limitless / Unlimited
Ken + Infinity = Keninfinity

It's hard to pronounce...  So I removed "in"....

Then it becomes "Kenfinity"....
Then I removed "y".....
First of all I did a quick brain storm. After Brainstorming I selected some of the points that express the meaning enlightment, calmness, simplicity and the unlimited freedom.  Then I sketched  them in diffrent ways....... 
Then I decided to sketch some lights and lamps which express the same meaning.
From above objects I selected the  old street lamp. Then I add a human who tries to reach the top of the lamp and touch the bulb. The bright light depicts the comfort and the relaxation where as the man trying to reach the light symbolizes the freedom beyond his grasp. 
This is the mood board ! 
After that I designed a round shape lamp with a man which express my idea in 3D.  I did not took the old street lamp, because it has many elements and hard to design. 
It’s looks more complicated. So I decide to go with 2D. After that again I have to examine some of the images in the internet as for the idea generation.
I selected the maroon colour for the logo instead of red.  Maroon is an eye capturing colour and it’s not an uncomfortable colour for eyes. Next I have selected  “  Optimus Princeps Semi  ” font. Because it has a very classic rhythm  and it can express the meaning as well. As a result of 5 weeks of the hardship here comes the final design........
Logo Guide