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    Peer 2 Peer Money Transfer + Debit Card Send Money Instantly. Like Email. For only 0.5% fees
Asia's Multi Currency Bitcoin Exchange + Wallet.
Here at Keepa we made the full design process starting with UX digging in, prototyping and visual design.
Developer team Rebbix is currently building the service, making some magic to make this all up and running. From our side we worked on site and app.
We made an interactive prototype on InVision that covers all aspects of user experience accross Cryptosigma. From user interaction side and visualisation we moved within approach called "progressive jpg", stating from wireframes and ending up with filling in illustrations made by Irena.

Dashboard is where user gots a birdview on all his accounts in different currencies and all recent operations. For engaging newbies Cryptosigma offers a small bonus for comleting several key operations. After its all complete dashboard is simplified to plain white page

Simple forms
All key actions pages are minimised to simple big forms with clear call to action. If Cryptosigma needs something to explain or request it use informational messages over the form featuring vibrant illustration to get more attention.

Its a lot about verification of users info and connected bank accounts to make operations more safe

Error Pages
We made them as simple as possible but added nice illustrations to make error less tragic:)
And many many more...
Almost 100 mockups covering all possible states and operations that can be done. Below are Bitcoin Market mockups.
We made an interactive prototype on InVision that covers all aspects of user experience accross Cryptosigma app. App (at least on version 1) should not cover all functions, but satisfy basic need or sending, receiving, buying and selling bitcoins. We kept in mind auto layout and built screens to be easily applied to bigger and newer iphones. We took iphone 5 screen as basis.
Here are few screens:
Aaron Siwoku
Keepa Team:
Design and UX: Eugene Rudyy
Illustrations: Irena Zablotska

Rebbix Development Team:
Rostislav Kinas
Marta Ivanyshyn
Andriy Kovryga
Myroslav Holyak
Sign up for an early access here: http://cryptosigma.com
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