We chose to tell a story, a journey.

We imagined a film composed with five chapters.

As, step by step, we move away from earth we explore the calendar complications :

On earth: the origins, the discovery through nature of the time elapsing
The moon: with a look that rises skywards, the observation of the moon’s phases
The rotation of the earth: the inclination of the earth as a watchmaking model
Comets: sources of extraordinary materials
The solar system: the union of all these elements in a system to represent time

A voice is guiding us in this exploration
It raises our eyes from the infinitely close to the infinitely large

Client: Jaeger-Lecoultre

Executive Creative Director : I-REEL // vimeo.com/ireel // www.i-reel.fr
Project Management : Joanna Brunet, Clémentine Oliveau
Producers : Henri Hayon

Creative Director, copywriter : Alain Laurans
DOP: Christophe Graillot

3D Artists : Bruno Jean, Gilles Simoné, Max Pasquiou
Digital Artists : Simon Ravet, Khasis Lieber
Editing & Color Grading : Simon Ravet
Music & Sound Design :
"The Poet Acts" from Philip Glass