Cathay Pacific - Blending Borders Poster Competition
Final Vector Art
Poster Entry for Blending Borders Competition
Sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airlines
Poster entry for Cathay Pacific's Blending Borders Poster Competition to promote their non-stop flights from Chicago to Hong Kong. Here are some of the creative brief details:
As Hong Kong boasts among the most unique and iconic skylines in the world, Chicago also prides itself on its amazing modern architecture. Playing off this synergy, Cathay has launched a “Blending Borders” contest through Facebook, which gives participants the very broad, open-to-interpretation task of “blending these two iconic cities into one.”
While the instructions drop photography, sculpture or illustration as hints, the contest welcomes any medium, and suggests that “the options are as wide as your imagination.”
The winning prize? Two tickets to Hong Kong, a cultural Feng Shui architectural tour (courtesy of Hong Kong’s tourism board), a feature on Cathay’s Facebook fan page, and finally a display at some airports.
“Chicago and Hong Kong both have memorable skylines, a wide choice of well-known architectural landmarks as well as many famous moments in history to choose from,” said Eric Odone, Cathay Pacific’s vice president, sales and marketing, Americas. “There are lots of opportunities to show your creative prowess.”

My entry (which placed 2nd among hundreds of entries) focused on similar symbols of strength from both cities - a Chinese lion sculpture, and one of the two lion sculptures in front of the Art Institute in downtown Chicago. In the background of each sculpture is the skyline of each city. Each city is represented by a color - red for Hong Kong (from the Hong Kong flag), and blue for Chicago (from the Chicago flag).
Initial Sketchbook Drawing #1
Initial Sketchbook Drawing #2