I worked with daily object - soap. I had a phased elaboration of this object. Firstly, I did digital collage, which reminds me pop art culture. 
General meaning of all these stuff is that we have to use 'clear' languages without any swearing and we are responsible for our speeches.
After that I decided to show the movement of 'hit' by soap and I did the series of photo (one - at home; the second - in professional photo studio). That was really fun.
Then goes the work, which I regard as the final one - it is the compilation of several shoots in one image with visible movment of strike by soap. I inspired by Chronophotographic and Stroboscopic images by  Étienne-Jules Marey, Eadweard Muybridge, Gjon Mili.
The last one I just peronaly like.
My output of this work is that absolutely any object can be interesting and can be extolled even routine soap!