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    3D printed art-toy collection by Mani Zamani
Facit extraterrestr habere democratia ?
Aristocratia sunt gubernatur?
3D printed Art-toy collection
By Mani Zamani
Nameless princess
Duke the poet
Sharkpasha's pet
The Entertainer
Momo the birdcage
Color variations for the whole collection
From 3Dprint.com interview:
“The technique of SLS printing allows me to visualize a subtle mix of clothing and alien skin, interwoven within each other depicting a certain aristocracy dominating the galaxy,” he tells us. “Whenever I see a fresh complex shape coming out of powder (SLS), I can’t help but feel that these powders are coming from another plant in the galaxy and inside there are these alien forms with unimaginable shapes. So I thought, ‘lets create a story about a group of aliens with familiar but complex outfit coming from the powder right to our living room’.”
Jewelry Pendants that represent the aristocrats characters are also available in my shop printable with precious and semi-precious metal for your loved ones