"Sra. Doutora" | Desk

The "Sra. Doutora" desk has two draws and storage spaces on each side of the table so you can have everything nearby while working. To brighten up your workhours, "Sra. Doutora" has a wide range of choises on vinyls and oth"Sra. Doutora" | Desk

"Escondidinha" | center table

We can say that this piece of furniture has two types of storage, one on top, and two beneath. One of the lower storage is hidden dew to sliding shelf, which can be moved from one"Escondidinha" | center table

"Vaivém" | sideboard

The "vaivém" unit is both versatile and independent, being mostly used for the storage of DVDs, books, magazines, but also used for supporting bigger objects like a television. The bookcase plays a fundamental role in a time to avoid the accumulation of objects and sense of disorder. It was also intended to create a piece of furniture where repetition and symmetry of the bookcase shelves would allow the user to configure this piece in the"Vaivém" | sideboard