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    Uniform, photography project.

Uniform I

In my everyday action and in the search for inspiration I frequently ask myself the question about the reason. Why would I repeat the entire process? In what name do I initiate artistic expression which tends to be so complex? The articulation of one’s expression is not conceived in an instant, but it can lengthen to a few days’ process of composition making. During this process I may come up with yet another conception and thus the previous one is to be verified and adapted to the new insight. The project tells a viewer about the link between uniform and space. Repeatability brings the danger of dehumanisation, consequently, the repetition of a figure of dubious intentions changes the space and hence the viewer is confronted with totally different perception of ordinary objects, nature and light.

I consider uniform to be the expression of the indistinguishable world without divisions between humans. A shot of this uniform repetitiveness removes other dimensions and radiates a repulsive aura. However, there remains an impression of hope in the form of a remaining human factor. It may be the quest for something humane in the creation of this threatening vision without a trace of familiarity that has an impact on my artistic development.

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