Limited Silkscreen Poster
Limited Silkscreen Poster for Greenleaf's Athens gig on May 8, 2015 at six d.o.g.s.
Designed by Kostis K· / Ink+Destroy.
Powered by Indivisuals.
Printed by thy mighty Fuzz Ink.
Inspired by Greenleaf's heavy psychedelic rock, the poster is scented by lava-lamped summer nights.
The color layering allowed for some sweet embossing-like effects where you can find some hidden details.
Hazy halftones that glow in the dark.
Two reality altering 3-colour 50x70cm editions.
Regular run of 36 on 300gsm Iridiscent White paper / Fluorescent GreenPhosphorescent Green and Purple inks.
Variant run of 12 on 200gsm Semi-Transparent Turquoise paper / White, Phosphorescent Green and Purple inks.
All copies are stamped and numbered.
Go Get Yours! @ Fuzz Ink.'s Online Store!
The poster is UV radiant (yes, under a black light) and also glows in the dark!
Big thanks to Tommi and Greenleaf,
CTS Prods,
my Fuzz Ink. brothers,
los Indyvisuales,
Mr. Tind for the phosphoresence
and You!