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What makes you creative?


The goal of the project was to produce a marketing plan on a specific brand within the subject area.
The report needed to cover basic marketing principles in the context of design business. The project also required a detailed research stage covering consumer wants and needs and how these translate into demand, how marketing stratgey is essential for the business.Concepts and developments need to demonstrate how it helped in defining  the creative solutions.
From the knowledge gained through research,  a brief identifying a design plan had to be created and executed. Final deliverable was a book documenting the whole project and detailing the design process involved in solving the visual communication  problems.
Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore

Secondary research looked at the college's current marketing methods and design style. A survey was conducted among the staff, students, prospective students and the parents to gain more insight about the target audience, brand awareness etc. The survey was conducted in two forms—a printed questionnare and an online survey to ensure maximum participation and convenience.
The core objective of this project is to come up with a marketing plan for Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore which would increase brand awareness among the target audience and bring them closer to the brand. Setting the creative tone and design direction for this marketing plan would function as the foundation for further expansion of the project.

The marketing campaign aims to connect multiple media using the main concept and start a conversation with the audience. The easiest way to start a conversation is by asking a question. As a design school offering creative education, one of the important question to ask is—What makes you creative? 
The marketing campaign will feature this question at its centre, engaging with the prospective students through various social media sites and build the brand awareness among the public.
The core of the campaign would be  a 30—45 seconds film which will ask what makes you creative? to prosepective students and encourage them to share their creative projects through the campaign facebook page. Along with increased brand awareness, this helps to put the college in touch with the prospective students and create a conversation between them.
The official campaign website would feature the video, a small about section, show us link, Facebook and Twitter links. Show us button will direct users to the campaign Facebook page, where they can share their creative projects.
Along with the website, various collaterals were also proposed to support the campaign offline. A set of updated college stationery which will run during the campaign to spread the word about the campaign to the public.
The next stages of the marketing campaign will follow the same principles of  asking what makes you creative? in a creative way to the target audience. Following are the two proposed expansion stages. Along with the new video, the campaign website and supporting collaterals will also be updated to reflect the new direction. The website will also catalogue the entire journey of the campaign. 
As per the brief, the book was created to document the entire process. The book heavily made use of folds and colour coded pages to categorise the research and design stages of the project. Each folded spread of the book features the design stage, set in white background. Opening the fold reveals the research stage, set in yellow background. The book covers the various research methods employed and survey results in detail and also includes the sketching stage and behind the scenes look of the entire production.
Created as part of the Design & Marketing module in Graphic Design course
at Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore, under the guidance of Simon Brushfield.
Music: Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada

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What makes you creative?


What makes you creative?

What makes you creative is a marketing campaign for Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore. It concentrates on engaging and creating convers Read More