Manifesto Book
"A Design Book For Thief"
A palm-sized manifesto illustration book, which consists a collection from a quote by Picasso:' Good artist copy, Great artist steal'.
'A Design Book For Thief'
Picasso:"Good artist copy,great artist steal."
Banksy:"The bad artist imitate, the great artist steal."
'I'm a 'Good Designer' with a bunch of 'Copied' design work.'
'I'm a stealer, not a plagiarist.'
'I do design robbery,i steal to make money.'
'Stealing is risky but i like challenges.'
'I will never work for free.'
' I dress smart to convince people have confidence in me.'
'I steal good design & take the credit.'
'Stealing is an intellectual activity.'
'Stealing gives you the real GOLD.'
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