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A Collection of Doris Horwell's Diaries
A Collection of Doris Horwell's Diaries

This project was for The Design Museum, the brief was to design and curate an exhibition based around a collection for the Tank that is situated outside the museum. The collection that I proposed for the tank, and supporting catalogue, were some of my Grandmothers diaries. The diaries are varied, some being holiday diaries and other diaries she wrote in everyday. The exhibition is called ‘Doris’ after my Grandmother.

This collection highlights, both the author of the diaries and the importance of the diaries. The tank and catalogue, explores
‘Doris’, the woman behind these books, for if it weren’t for her,they would not exist. This exhibition is first and foremost for collectors, archivists, designers and artists. However it would also intrest graphologists, creative writing students, academics, sociologists and fellow diary/journal and blog writers.
I was one of the lucky students who's work got selected by the Design Museum, which I'm very grateful for.

The Catalogue

The catalogue is an extension of the tank; it gives the reader a more in depth and detailed 
view into each individual diary. 

The catalogue explores different themes that run throughout the diaries. Whether it is the
historical significance of the diaries, or attributes Doris applied to them. The images below
reveal the final production of the Design Museum catalogue.

Tank Proposal
This end of the tank is an introduction to the diaries, with the diaries slotted between the glass and back panel.
The squares surrounding the diaries are lights, highlighting them during the day and night.

One end on the tank will be a video installation, showing every page of each diary being flicked through. 
This allows the viewer to see the collection without having to riffle through them all. 

This video installation will be facing Tower Bridge as it could be viewed from afar therefore attracting
people down to have a closer look. 
This panel faces the Design Museum café. I have chosen to display images of Doris on this side, 
as she is a key element to the collection.
Doris was an organised person, in terms of her times and dates. I have found in her diaries, 
24 different extracts for every hour of a day. Every different colour panel has a different 
extract on it.

As you can see one hour within the yellow curve is larger and has white text. According to
 the time of the day, the extract within the large slot changes to the current time in London.

For example in this image, the time in London would be 3.00pm, as the extract that stands
 out the most is centered around 3.00pm. It reads, “Lin arrived at 3 to show us her fancy
 dress for school play”
This visualisation shows the other two sides of the tank.
A Collection of Doris Horwell's Diaries