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    A collection of wearable cameras.
This project was created for a Handbuilt and Alternative Cameras class at RISD.
I chose to create a line or wearable cameras using mirrored acrylic as the primary material.
This concept of reflective fashion objects is my way of investigating our societies obsession with image, particularly self-image. The image-based nature of the camera itself combined with a mirrored exterior makes it an ideal combination when discussing the action of gazing at ones own image. If an individual were to take a photograph with one of these cameras the mirrored material would force them to be aware of their self-image within the space they inhabit. Beside from the crafting of these high-fashion camera objects I also intend for the images that they capture to be focused on the concept of self-identity and one’s position with their environment and culture. In regards to all of these cameras I am particularly interested in the reaction or perception of individuals who pass by on the street to witness someone using one of these devices. They, like the user of the camera will gaze upon this object while the object gazes back at them.
- Credits -
Model: Sage Dumont 
Photographer: Lucas Vasilko
Styling: Savannah Barkley
Design & Concept: Savannah Barkley
Handbag : Paper Negative Film Camera
Headpiece: Camera Obscura 
Necklace : 35mm Roll Film Camera