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    Album artwork for the debut, self-titled album by the hardcore band The Man with Dynamite hands.

The Man with Dynamite Hands is a hardcore punk band from New Jersey. In October 2011 they released their self-titled debut album.

The Man with Dynamite Hands kept reminding me of the titles of 1950s B horror movies. Many of them were named similarly: The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Thing from Another World, or The Incredible Shrinking Man. Because horror movie propaganda and imagery is a bit cliché in hardcore music, I chose to use styles reminiscent of 1950s, kitschy advertising instead. I liked the idea of borrowing a style often used to convey wholesomeness as a badge for chaotic, hardcore punk music. The end result has a nice sense of humor to it and serves well to represent the band and the music.

CLIENT: The Man with Dynamite Hands (band)

ILLUSTRATION: Michael Molloy



Cover Illustration. The business man featuring a product with an expression of amazement was a common theme in 1950s product advertisement. Playing the role of the product, the lit stick of dynamite is a nod to the band's name and provides a sinister yet humorous twist. The impending destruction suggests a revelry of chaos and a departure from the wholesomeness that these stylized advertisements often tried to suggest.

Artwork for a single called Part 3: Imagination. The song features wolf howls thus the imagery. Also, wolves are bad ass.

Animated gif. for possible banner ad and some good wholesome fun.