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Householdcentrifugal pump “Seed” is designed for the water pipage; the gardens,orchards, lawns watering; the water delivery from the surface water bodies (rivers,lakes, ponds), as well as from the wells, water storage reservoirs, chinks.
A usual householdpump inconveniency is in that it requires a constant human presence and controlduring the water pipage process.For example, forthe gardens or lawns watering it is needed to switch it on and off at a neededmoment. For the water pipage from a piece of water or a chink into a water storagereservoir, it is always necessary to control, when the pump should be switchedoff, in order not to overfill the tankage. It is often necessary to pump the oddwater out again, what causes not only the user’s time loss, but, also, to theadditional energy consumption.A consumer adaptsthe household pumps himself, binding it to the floating platforms or bending awire rope with a bracket. Household centrifugal pump “Seed” does not requireany additional devices, as there is the syntheticfoam inside the pump’s case, which makes it stay up on the water and theballast in the very bottom part of it does not let the pump roll over.
The pump alsohas two brackets: For the fixation on the top, during sinking the pump into a chink And the bottom mounting for the anchoring the pump to the piece’s     of water bottom  Householdcentrifugal pump “Seed” solves these problems and gives freedom to its owner.There is a remotecontrol on the panel, through which the different parameters of the pump’sturning on and off can be set.The followingparameters can be set through the remote control:The time of the pump’sturning on and off,The countdownbefore the power shutdown,The amount of thewater which flowed through, after which the pump will shutdown.It is also possibleto set the program to be repeated once or multiply, several times during 24hours or every day.It is very convenientfor the lawn and garden watering, when, for example, the lawn watering isneeded every day from 5 till 5.20 a.m. or for the water storage reservoirs filling, whenan approximate amount of liters which is needed to be filled is known.The pump is equipped with the additional valve ventsfor the ventilation, which stay over the water surface, which pass the heated airout from inside on one side, and the cold air from the environment on the otherside. By that arranging the operating engine transparent aeration. The valvesdo not let the water in.
The pump isconnected with the eco technologies sector esthetically. “Seed” economizes electricitywhich is usually spent for the odd amount of the pumped over water. The pump’s caseis made of the recycled plastic, what during the manufacturingeconomizes the funds for the electronic control function involvement and givesthe product a competitive market value.The “Seed” pump absolutelymeet the requirements of the household pumps. Solving the owner’s time and electricity saving problems.Emotionally “Seed”is flexible and associates with organicity and ecological compatibility. A dropof water and a wheat seed are taken as the shape basis for this pump. The pump’s remotecontrol can be unfastened if needed. In such a way the pump’s control is possiblein a distance, it is very convenient, if there is no open access to the pump’scase (situation in the chinks, wells or in the pieces of water).