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Telus My account - UX Direction

About the project

In summer 2014, my company had the opportunity to create the next native mobile experience for a major canadian operator, 8.1M subscribers (Q4 2014). By bringing our expertise and technology, we’ve succeeded in delivering last October an engaging, customer centric and award-winning application; available for download from both iTunes and Google Play.
The project began in Q2 2014, driven by two collaborative teams consisting of our clients’ and our company’s’ people (20 and 10 respectively). We launched the app within 4 months and is still on-going in 2015, building on the solid foundations of the UX research and design processes set in place from this first development phase.
The Story behind the application...
User Research
Defining requirements and generating ideas
Concept Testing
Evaluation of the customers response to our new ideas
Interface Design
Design of the page flow for all the use cases and visual design.
Usability Testing 
Gathering user feedback. Both qualitative and quantitative data.
Build & Release
App launched Q4 2014
Key numbers
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Telus My account - UX Direction

Telus My account - UX Direction

Client: Telus. Project: Telus My account 2014. Company: MobileAware. Role: UX Director. UX Strategy . User Centered Design . Creative Direction Read More