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Google Webmasters Tools helps webmasters diagnose errors and enhance their search engine optimization and website’s search engine visibility. Google’s webmaster tools gives control on how your website listings works. Before you start you will need a Google account and Sitemap.
Here are the steps:

Verify Site Ownership
You have to verify ownership of your website. Just enter the URL of your website and follow the instructions provided to verify the ownership of your website (Meta Tag Code or Html File). Once you upload your verification HTML page or add the Meta Tag code, click verify.
Diagnostics Tools
Diagnostics tools tell you whether there are any errors on your web site as Google crawled your website. Tools normally find errors like 404 errors, web pages not indexed by Google robots.txt and other web site indexing issues.
Some of the common types of errors can be listed under the headings such as HTTP errors, URLs not followed, URLs disallowed by robots.txt, not found, URLs timed out, and Unreachable URLs. To ensure that your website is without any error, you must regularly check your diagnostics reports.
Google offers some of the best statistical tools that you can use to help improve your seo marketing efforts. Google webmaster statistical tools. You will be able to see list of keywords for which the highest number of visitors came to your website. One of the most important pieces of information that you will find here is that your position in the SERPs for a particular keyword.
Gbot shows how it sees your site. This is a good way of learning how other sites link to your web site .
Keywords used in external links to your site.
Keywords in your website’s content.
Content on your website in terms of keyword density.
Crawl Stats
Webmasters will be able to learn about your website’s PageRank. You can see your pages categorized in terms of low, medium, high and not yet assigned. Most often you will find web pages categorized under low.
Index Stats
Here you can find advanced Google queries on your website that used some search operators. This includes the following operators link:, site:, cache:, info:, related:, and there is a couple other you want to lookup
Subscriber Stats
This tool helps webmasters find the status on RSS feed subscribers (ie. Feedburner).
This is where you can learn about your website’s internal and external link popularity status.
Google sitemaps tool will help you to manage your sitemap files. You will be able to upload XML files, which will help Google to crawl your website completely.
Analyze robots.txt
Robots.txt is meant for Googlebot, which will tell Google how they should go about crawling your website. You can give instructions to the Gbot in this file. You can control the crawling of Googlebot to the desired parts of your website as well as block the search engines from crawling certain folders of your website.
Crawl Rate
Here you will be able to get Google’s activity on your website and their indexing frequency. The goal here is to make sure that Google is visiting your website frequently and interacting with your website actively. This is important to get new content in your website indexed fast.
Set Preferred Domain
To maximize effectiveness of your link building efforts set your domain to th www. version, choosing between www. and http , you need to tell Google which will be your preferred URL.
Enhanced Image Search
One of the ways of enhancing your website’s online presence is by getting yourself included in the image search. When you select enhanced image search you will be able to gain control on labeling images in your website.
Remove URLs
You should remove any pages from Google indexing that are dead or outdated. You will be able to do this by using the remove URLs tool in your account.
That’s all folks! Have fun with Google Webmasters Tools!
Business and SEO

Business and SEO

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