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    Animation created in Photoshop, using the Puppet Warp Tool- my assignment in my Adobe Animation Class.
This project was my week 1 assigment in my Adobe Animation Class.  I had to make an animation using the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop.  Yesterday I created an animation with a disco dancer.  I decided it was too busy so I tried something a little bit different today.  I didn't make the background move this time.  Instead, I decided to make a cat run across the room behind a dancing girl.  I found the background, girl, and cat images through Creative Commons.
My animation of a kid dancing while her cat sneaks across the room.
I used the Puppet Warp tool, in Photoshop, to move the dancer slightly in each frame.
A snapshot of my workspace before I added the cat.
A snapshot of my workspace after I added the cat.  I added 2 cats under some of the dancer images because I used each dancer on my animation timeline, then reversed the order.  I needed the cat to keep moving forward, instead of reversing, so I used two different cats for each dance pose.  I only selected one cat at a time for each animation frame.