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    Knitting: A Legacy exhibition design and catalogue for Collections for the Tank, at the Design Museum.
Knitting: A Legacy

Exhibition and catalogue. 
This project was to design and curate an exhibition based around a collection for the Tank at the Design Museum. The collection which I have used for this is a vintage collection of knitting patterns dating from the 1940's to the 1980's.  

The title of the exhibition is Knitting: A Legacy, the concept behind this is that the collection represents a legacy of a skilll which has been passed down from person to person for centuries. The patterns represent and show the change and reinvention of traditional styles throughout the decades. This change and development directly influences the fashion knitwear and craft industry today. Therefore it is important to reflect on past styles and appreciate knitting as a valued skill. 

In order to display the design, I have created a 3D model.

To support the tank, an exhibition catalogue was required. This reflects the content of the tank and produced in a format and style which is appropriate to the collection.