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    Animation created in Photoshop, using the Puppet Warp tool, for an assignment in my Adobe Animation Class.
My first assignment, in my Adobe Animation Class, was to make an animation using the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop.  Because I love to dance, I decided to find a dancer that I could animate.  I think my animation is a bit choppy and I hope to improve as I go through my animation class.  I had to delete a few of the frames that were inbetween the ones I ended up using, because my file was too large.
After looking at this again I decided that I wasn't crazy about the moving background or ...well...any of it really!  So I started over and created the dancer in version 2 shown in my Behance portfolio.
Animation made in Photoshop for my week 1 assignment in the Adobe Animation Class.  
I found a silhouette of a disco dancer, music notes, and a background through Creative Commons.
I used the puppet warp tool, in Photoshop, to move the dancer on each animation frame.
I decided that I wanted the background to move so I used the Perspective Warp tool in photoshop and created a slightly different background for each animation frame.
This is a snapshot of my workspace after I animated each dancer and background layer.
After I added movement to my disco dancer and background, I decided to add music notes, that moved slightly, in each frame.
This is a snapshot of my timeline.  At first I set each frame for 0.2 seconds but they seemed to lag when I was saving my gif for the web.  I decided to change the frame rate to 0.1 seconds .