Productive Forest Park, Morgongiori (OR) Italy
Productive Forest ParkMorgongiori (OR), Italy
Faculty of Architettura of Alghero

Year: 2011
MSc degree thesis
Supervisor: Giovanni Maciocco, Massimo Fragiacomo, Gianni Filindeu

This thesis is part of a research project which brings together the Universitiesof Sassari and Cagliari with the Forestry Authority Sardinia.Specifically, the research project has as objective to study a possible production ofbearing panels made ​​of wooden planks glued cross-laminated (X-lam) using wood from the forests sardines.In this context, the thesis studies the production process and how this can be optimized, in its different phases, starting from the context of large-scale (regional level) to thearchitectural project. The factory, which "contain" the operations required to transform raw materials into panelsX-lam is designed to become a real hub for the insertion of a new technique in Sardinia. A building that is not simply the physical location of the panels are physically built, but also aplace of training of skills directly related to the factory or not. A place for the promotion of wooden panels, of sustainable management of forests and living in wooden houses, action required for the successful introduction of a new construction technique as X-lam, whichchange some aspects of living which are well established for some time.

entrance view
The choice of location-oriented analysis starts from the identification of two theoreticalcenters of gravity, a demand and a supply
barycentric calculations are initiated by areal geo-referenced data, which are thenprocessed and aggregated together or with other data to obtain a geodatabase and can be extracted from this the center of gravity weighted
accomodation view
forestry production system
external view
context of the factory and sections
factory view
trasversal profiles
accomodation view
complete plan and section