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    Artworks created for a variety of clients who love Scott Stewart's style.
Scott Stewart - First to illustrate kids books featuring Superman, Spider-man, X-Men and more comic book classics.
Long time artist draws his childhood favorites
"When my client told me that we had to work on a Spider Man book for Kids, I fell off my drawing chair" say Stewart....The first illustration I ever created was a Spiderman artwork I did  I was 5 years old.

Then he did it again....with Superman. Within 2 years, he had created 2 of his most favorite cartoon characters in his own style...for kids!

Who would have known that his passion for art would have brought such a project his way 20 years later!

As his art rep, it was my dream to work with big names, and this was one of the biggest.
Scott Stewart was a new artist on our roster with a passion for his art, and he was ripe for something big.

Scott is one of the biggest Comic Book consumers I know, and has been for a very long time. His vast knowledge of the history of many of the early Comic Book Heros allows him an ease when working with such subjects.

Fast Forward to the end of the project, and see what some of the art looked like. The client was very happy, and so were we!

Fast Forward another 2 years, and he's working for DC Comics, developing the Kids Book Style of Superman! Another of his childhood Heros!! See more of that book here.

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