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    Visual Communication Design
Project: Book as an Object 
(Deconstruct the traditional book form and reconstruct it into new form 
weaving with the core message of the content.)

The Myth of Sisyphus - When the letters meet the story

'The Myth of Sisyphus' is a philosophical essay by Albert Camus. To communicate the core essence of the writing through typography, I tried to pick up the very right words from the essay and played with them. Also, to fullfil another mission of the project, which was deconstruct and reconstruct the book, I made the form of the book itself represent 'infinity' which is the part of the concept of the essay, too.

Keywords from the essay:

- Push it up, push it up, push it up 
- The moment of conscious 
- Torture accomplishes nothing 
- Each atom of that stone 
- Each mineral flake of that night filled mountain 
- In itself forms a world 
- Fate from infinite to finite 
- That is an hour of consciousness 

The type was set by hand at the Art Center College of Designs' Archetype Press.

Project : Poster Design for 2008 U.S. Presidental Vote