As part of my skills growing list of skills at Acumed I have recently had the opportunity to expand into 3d! I chose one of my more recent characters and decided to model, light, and shade the little guy. Enjoy!
Scanned and cleaned up linework before apply color. The lines were applied to the background eventually. Even though I prefer taking linework into Illustrator with my current style and outputting very exactly this was a quick project which didn't allow for that kind of rework. Ultimately I enjoyed the gritty nature of the final 2d piece.
The text "i facere" is a simple latin translation meaning, "I Make." Thus, the title of the piece.
Sculpted and smoothed polygonal models in Maya, before export to Keyshot. I love all the options in Maya and mentalRay shaders are awesome but Keyshot is what I learned first and very user friendly.