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    This is a website I developed for a local construction, bulk mulch, and roll-off business. Read this case study to learn about how this solution … Read More
    This is a website I developed for a local construction, bulk mulch, and roll-off business. Read this case study to learn about how this solution was designed and built for their business. Read Less
Lineweber DirtWorks is a new, family-owned business in Beatrice, Nebraska that offers a wide variety of construction services, roll-off containers for demolition projects, and bulk mulch for landscaping projects. The husband and wife team of Todd and Beth Lineweber had started Lineweber DirtWorks about a year ago, when they contacted me about building a website.
Until that point, they didn’t have much of a presence on the web, aside from a Facebook page.  Todd and Beth knew the importance of a professional presence on the web, from their own experience – Todd often looked up other companies online when he needed something on the job.  Being a relatively new company, they didn’t have a lot of name recognition either, so getting their name out there, informing their potential customers about their services, and making it easy to contact them were important goals for the website.
As a company, they had a lot of different potential customers: homeowners, businesses, townships, and other construction companies.  The site needed wide appeal, with enough detailed information for professionals, while remaining easy and friendly for an average homeowner.
There are a few other competitors in the Beatrice and surrounding areas.  Since Lineweber DirtWorks offers a unique mix of services that many others don’t, we were able to identify some of the best parts of those businesses websites and use that as a baseline for their site.  Construction companies like to show off their completed projects on their websites, so that was also an important component to include on the new website.
Todd and Beth already had a logo designed, so that provided some direction for the color palette, typography, and overall style of the website.
We also agreed that having a mobile-friendly website was very important, with many contractors (including Todd) that use the internet to find what they need quickly, while on the job.
Another feature that was added to the website was a Mulch Calculator.  When buying mulch in bulk, it is sold by the cubic yard.  It’s a little difficult to take a cubic yard of mulch and figure out how much ground that will cover at a certain depth.  The mulch calculator makes it easy – you just enter the square footage of your area and the depth of mulch, and it tells you how many cubic yards you need.
This new website gives Lineweber DirtWorks a solid step forward into their internet presence and in growing their business.  I hope you enjoyed reading this case study.  If you are interested in a website for your business, please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.