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    Poster design of an opera-concert for the Symphonic Orchestra of Montreal
A Symphonic Opera with an Historic Theme.​​​​​​​

Context: Founded in 1934 by a group of devoted music lovers, with the backing of the Québec government, the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra is one of the major cultural organisms of the city whose name it bears with pride. Their clientele is getting older and they are trying to reach a wider audience with younger people.

Challenges: The concert is based on the dramatic short life of the son of Napoleon I, a theme that can be easily seen as old fashioned and boring. Create a visual that express the notion that it is a symphonic opera and not a theater venue. Also, the only available image we had of the son of Napoleon was in very bad quality so I had to find a graphic solution to be able to produce his portrait in a poster format.

Solution: Create an illustration of the charismatic young son of Napoleon I. Incorporate the symphonic instruments in the portrait to make sure that we understand visually what the show is about. Using a colorful look with 3 different posters to express the diversity and fun of this symphonic opera and to break the old fashion theme.
Client: Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal
Agency : Saint- Jacques Vallée Y&R
President and CEO : Jaques Labelle
Creative Director : Pierre Nolin
Chief of creation : Patrick Michaud
Art direction, illustration and graphic design: Nicolas Baillargeon
Vice President consulting service : Marie- Andrée Bertrand
Director of Consulting : Arianne Beaudet
Advisor: Cyntia Côté
Production Manager: Bruno Lefbevre