The Japan Sea bestiary 
The Japan sea is the true pearl among all Russian seas. It’s northern and tropical at the same time and that mix makes the Japan sea absolutely unique. Underwater life here feels like a boiling pit full of invertebrates – so many different creatures are moving around you every minute. Also here lives real-world aliens – cephalopods. I never was as emotional as when I saw 6 meters long octopus… It’s amazing. The Japan sea is wonderful place for diving, you need decades to see all the living stuff here.
Very rare brachiopod Coptothyris adamsi
Most common but very beautiful sea star Asterina pectinifera
There are a lot of them!
Aphelasterias japonica - another sea star
One more star - Lysastrosoma ananthosticta - close up of skin surface
Ascidia colony (Tunicata) of Halocynthia aurantium
Very young crab Paralithodes camtschaticus on Ascidia
Paralithodes camtschaticus juvenile 
Camouflage master Hemitripterus villosus
GTFO. Young Chirolophis japonicus.
Chirolophis japonicus portrait
Chirolophis japonicus, Sea Dragons are real
Crab People! Cancer amphioetus.
Protoss spaceship, comb jelly Bolinopsis sp.
Transparent colony of Cyclosalpa bakeri
One of the most venomous jellies in the world. Gonionemus vertens.
Cyanea capillata - world's largest jellyfish. 
Cyanea capillata with the team
Comb jelly Bolinopsis infundibuliformis
Plumose anemone (Metridium senile) huge colony
Plumose anemone (Metridium senile)
Thousands of sea urchins - Strongylocentrotus nudus
The Japan sea underwater landscape
Octopus dofleini - king of the Japan sea
They are real giants
They swim fast
And look cute
They are very strong and clever, but shy and forever alone
They are absolutely unique and impressive creatures. They have soul and wisdom and you can see it clearly in their eyes. I never saw it before... I hope every of you will have a chance to meet them somewhere.
Stay tuned! 
"I'm a plane!"
Octopus Kingdom

Octopus Kingdom

The Japan sea bestiary