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    Wildfire band working on their debut cd, pictures of the studio work.
Wildfire - In the Studio
Working on the bands first EP
Wildfire is a hungarian hard rock band, formed in 2007. During the first years, after a lot of practicing and covering other bands, we found our own style and taste in which we can be creative, and work together as a team/band.

2011 is the year when we decided to made our first EP [EP=(short for extended play) is a musical recording which contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full album or LP.], to test ourselves out in a larger stage, where we can show our music to a larger group of audience.

Music is a huge scene where millions of artists trying harder and harder to show up something new, something uniqe. Works that can find their own audience in need. Maybe we will not change the world with our music, but we're trying to be as innovative as we can, proving that music still needs instruments, music that sounds exactly the same played live.

As the finish line of our CDs production draws closer, let me invite you for a short trip about our weeks spent in the studio! - Cheers, RTz
In a few weeks, I'll be able post music online and our covers will also show up! ;)