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    To chronicle the journey my wife and I took in the nine months to the birth of our first child, I kept a diary of sketches, marking significant e… Read More
    To chronicle the journey my wife and I took in the nine months to the birth of our first child, I kept a diary of sketches, marking significant events along the way. This is the diary. Read Less
How we found out. Yes, that's a carrot and knife in my hands. I was chopping veg for dinner when I was told!
In the early days, we did not know what to expect. We found ourselves in this position quite a bit!
Out of the two of us, I struggled to keep the secret from friends. I was practically bursting at the seems to tell somebody!
This particular item became an essential shopping item. Why? Those of you who know why… know why! :|
Week 12 and the wife is carrying a legume. But never the less, we were well chuffed!
...and food aversions. Some of the wonderful side-effects of pregnancy!
Along with the nausea and insomnia come more…. positive developments!
Christmas came and so did the first sign of a bump! The dogs? Granny’s braindead cockers.
Swings and roundabouts. Pregnancy plays havoc with the hormones. So I’ve witnessed!
Sometimes the most innocuous task can elicit the most SUPER SERIOUS reaction. Seriously. No laughing matter. Seriously.
Sometimes that little thing in your belly just wont play ball.
Not every day goes well, and sometimes pregnancy can take it’s toll. 
Pregnancy is carte blanche to solo every. Single. Bit. Of. Food.
Apparently listeria can live in blue cheese. So it becomes the FOOD OF NIGHTMARES while pregnant. PANIC! 
Space became premium. DVDs had to go. The collection was extensive. I was losing my children for an actual child.
One of the more amusing side-effects of pregnancy!
Eventually, this started happening. It has never stopped.
I am reliably informed that this feels incredible.
And then some things about pregnancy are just plain weird.
So, two X chromasomes means biologically female. I did not know this when we were told by the technician. Confused and trying not to look that way.
And it’s true. This really is a mind-blowing feeling.
It’s incredibly easy to lose the run of yourself and BUY ALL THE THINGS
I’ve seen some things in that workshop, man. Some things I can never unsee.
The options are limitless. As are the prices! Vorsprung durch Technik!
Baby brain is fun for all! Who witness. So very difficult to not lose my mind aughing.
One of us toasts nicely, the other is likely to burst into flames. Guess which one’s which.
 This was remarkably fun. Like personalising your workspace… but a workspace that’ll bring you lots of joy. And cover you in pee.
And the Braxton Hicks kick in. When the pain hits, you forget the name of things…
At 40 weeks, patience was wearing thin. But somebody was just too comfortable!
The only time in a pregnancy when you’re actively encouraged to toke on a pipe!
And after 41 weeks and 24 long hours of labour, she finally decided to join us!
The final two pages of the diary.