SCION at National Dealer Meeting
Part business meeting, part product salon, National Dealer Meeting is Toyota Motor Sales' largest event to celebrate and support its dealer network. Toyota and Scion dealers from all corners of North America arrive excited to hear about and see the latest production and concept cars for the season(s) ahead.
2014 NDM was my first event as CD for Scion and my aim was to chart a new experiential direction as a prelude to the auto show season ahead. Every aspect of the Scion experience was reevaluated and recreated from the ground up - from the layout to the digital media to the look and feel of the graphics - creating a holistic experience that reflected Scion's personality was the goal.
Four 25' H x 8' W digital media towers (two double-sided for a total of six unique surfaces) anchored the event space making it distinct from the surrounding Toyota zones. The media towers allowed a dynamic range of generative forms and vehicle visuals to cycle throughout the event.
The Product Salon approach
The FR-S RS 1.0 was front and center
The xB RS 10.0 was on show
The FR-S RS1.0, tC RS 9.0 and prereveal iM on a dichroic turntable
Hi-Vis floor graphics were applied to the hall floor to frame each vehicle. Before the vinyl was applied the concrete floor was polished for maximum pop.
The new iM was the star of the event and featured on a custom dichroic turntable.
Detail of the vinyl grpahic detail
Scion has a tradition of launching a fresh gaming experience for dealers at NDM. For 2014 we pushed into new territory with a multi-player digital gaming experience.
The Breakout tile grid was mirrored on three touch screen displays where participants selected a tile to break. Each tile of the Breakout board revealed a unique prize dealers won. As more tiles were chosen, a photo of either the new iM or iA was revealed on the megawall.
Breakout was a huge success with the largest queue of dealers in NDM history. Breakout wasn't a "maybe" destination, it was a "must see" at 2014 NDM.
Digital media was key component for the 2014 event. Each of the four media towers (six vertical surfaces total) measured 25' H x 8' W.  Our partners at Spinifex Group took the my visual direction package and developed fresh digital content that reflected both the personality and sneak peaks of the then forthcoming iM and iA vehicles.
One goal for this year's event was to showcase the forthcoming iM in a unique and unexpected way with the constraints of being displayed on a turntable. After pursuing a few concepts, the idea to reclad the turntable's top surface in dichroic film was approved by the client.

Dichroic film mimics the brilliant iridescent look of pigment-less butterfly wings, and allowed us to 'play' with the color reflecting on the vehicle in contrast to what was seen on the turntable's surface.
Scale models and video were used to present the concept and receive approval for this first-of-its-kind use of dichoric film.
Dichoric film in use - your eye sees the the turntable's top is blue while the vehicles's reflection is green.
Creative Director : Stuart Fingerhut
Graphic Designer : Andrew Danger
Digital Creative Director : James Kirkman
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SCION at National Dealer Meeting

SCION at National Dealer Meeting

SCION at 2014 National Dealer Meeting
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