Can your life spare you for a single day?
Voltaren Dolo - Online Video Campaign
The general belief is that campaigns for pharma products need to be rational and benefit-driven. For Voltaren Dolo - the fast and effective pain pill from Voltaren - we challenged that.
We’ve got the most challenging target group – busy, hard working, always-on-the run performers who love to do the things they need to do. Staying home because of back pain for them is a NO GO. But they would surely hesitate for just one second and ask themselves what would really happen if they could skip work for just this one day.
This simple insight gave us the campaign motto: “Can your life spare you for a single day?”
We created 3 stories showing what goes in the mind of someone in that very moment when back pain strikes. We jumped in the nightmare of 3 emblematic performers: a burlesque dancer, an astronaut and a barber.
Each of these videos where placed and seeded all over the digital landscape, leading to the campaign YouTube channel, where we asked our visitors to tell their own stories.
With these campaign we transported Voltaren's „Joy of Movement“ brand mission to a surprisingly innovative and fun to watch experience that digitally reached our busy target group in a more efficient way.
And we proved that people are much more open to an emotional storytelling than most brands can think.