25/8 MANAGEMENT / Logo for Music Management Company

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  • Logo Development for Music Management Co.
    The "Journey" Begins
  • I was commisioned by an established Rock 'n' Roll Music Manager
    to design a logo for his new company which will represent
    many bands for international tours, etc., etc.

    We are going to print soon and I will add the printed materials as we create them.

    Satin Jackets for the ROADIES!

    I hope you enjoy my blend of analog and digital.

    The computer is just a big dumb tool for me.

    I look at it as I would a pen or a pencil. A ruler. A template.

     A paint bucket. A texturizer. A type-facer. A binary clod — but useful.
  • Client loves the logo and we print temporary Business Card.

    Clients asks for new direction.

    Designer / Illustrator says, "As you wish."

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