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    Made at Gretel Role: Designer NY, 2014
Centric Rebrand Montage by Gretel
"Centric was founded in 2009 as a 24-hour music and entertainment channel that reflected the lifestyle and sophistication of a multicultural adult viewer. While music will continue to be part of the Centric DNA, the evolution has now led them to become “The First Network Designed for Black Women” - a modern multi-platform lifestyle brand, boldly celebrating the multi-dimensional world of Black women.
The goal from the start was to create a brand with modernity, style and attitude. Our solution was to create a densely layered brand. One that felt expressive, but thoroughly modern."

Made at Gretel
Role: Design + Motion

Head of Production: Dina Chang
Creative Director: Greg Hahn, Ryan Moore
Art Director: Lauren Hartstone
Designer(s): Jeremy Landman, Tom Edwards, Adam Grabowski, Sinan Buyukbas, Andrew Brown, Danny Ruiz
AE Animator(s): Andrew Brown, Jin Lee, Gerald Soto, Aldo Gonzales, Sinan Buyukbas
Maya Animator(s): Aldo Gonzales
Editor: Eron Otcasek

Exec. Cr. Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director:  Ryan Moore
Associate CD: Lauren Hartstone
Head of Production: Dina Chang
Art Director: Adam Wentworth
Producer: Jennifer Brogle
Associate Producers: Haley Klatzkin
Production Asst.: Emily Greaser
Designer(s): Lauren Hartstone, Adam Wentworth, Audrey Davis, Andrew Brown, Mariah Hourihan, Danny Ruiz, Caleb Halter, Kinda Akash
Lead Animator: Andrew Brown
AE Animator(s): Dave Nelson, Aldo Gonzales, Chu Fuchun, Peter Harp, Cyprian Sadlon, Brandon Kennedy, Gerald Soto, Will Huang, Jin Lee 
Maya Animator: Aldo Gonzales
Editor(s): Eron Otcasek, Evan Kulwantanaga, Karl Amdal
"The new logo is the heart of this brand. It embodies complexity and variation in both its form and fill. The logo is ever changing, it can take on a range of styles and reflect an array of personalities."
Below are some final style frames and pitch explorations I did. Searching/defining the dynamics of the layered elements: texture, pattern, type, image.
Frame Credits: Design + Motion
Photography: Tom Edwards, Inspiration: Danny Ruiz, Custom Animated Library; Andrew Brown (Stripes, Typography Animation), Aldo Gonzales (Paint), Adam Grabowski (Flocks)